Welcome at M-azing Creations! We are a creative company located in the Netherlands. Here, everything is about digital graphic design. Animations, illustrations, visual effects, photomanipulation and everything in between, M-azing does it all. With the many tools modern computer technology has to offer, everything is possible! On this website you’ll get a glimpse of what we do and how we do it.

Please check out our showreel:

Our services are divided in the following categories:


⦁    Infographics
⦁    Music videos
⦁    2D animations
⦁    3D animations
⦁    Visual effects
⦁    Video editting


⦁    Character design
⦁    Cover artworks
⦁    Vector illustrations

Photo editting

⦁    Retouching
⦁    Black/White to color
⦁    Photomanipulation

3D design

⦁ 3D character design
⦁ Modelling (& rigging)